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#020 Interview with Andy Stewart

Published: November 9, 2021


Do you think your music should sound better?


In this interview episode:

Andy Stewart is one of Australia's most highly regarded music producers and studio engineers with over 3 decades of experience.

Andy Stewart has worked with acts such as Gotyé, Paul Kelly, The Whitlams, Kutcha Edwards, CW Stoneking and Brighter Later – along with many, many others. Whether as a musician, composer, engineer or producer, Andy has a very long back catalogue of independent and commercial albums to his name.

Andy's The Mill Studio is one of Australia's most prestigious recording and mixing studios, with the recent purchase of a 56 channel SSL XL9000K console - arguably the most advanced analogue console ever built.

In this interview, Andy shares his music production philosophy, including:

  • From the idea to a finished master

  • How to establish the right tempo for a song

  • The importance of contrast in music production

  • How to get lo-fi and hi-fi sounds to work together

  • The importance of 'pressure-testing' a song

  • The law of diminishing returns in mixing

  • The common character traits of successful musicians

  • How to measure 'success' as a musician

  • How magic happens in the studio


"Too Low For Zero", published by Audio Technology Magazine in 2011, written by Jan 'Yarn' Muths and edited by Andy Stewart

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