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#031 - Interview with Business Coach and Mindset Specialist Jessica Schembri

Published March 01, 2022


Do you think your music should sound better?


In this episode:

  • About the guest, mindset specialist, business coach and podcast host, Jessica Schembri

  • The creative and logical side of creativity, and how this relates to feminine and feminine attributes within all of us

  • Flow state in creativity

  • The importance of having a long-term vision or end-goal

  • Mindsets: 'victim mentality' versus 'abundance mindset'

  • The map of consciousness and energetic frequency

  • 'Scarcity, desperation and need' versus 'love, joy and peace'

  • The struggle to finish up projects, and how to overcome that

  • How to cultivate happiness right now


Jessica's podcast on victim mentality vs abundance mindset

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