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#039 - Interview with James Lyall (pt1): EDM & MIDI, from the origins to MIDI2.0

Published April 19, 2022


Do you think your music should sound better?


In this episode:

  • James' background and where he started

  • Producing different genres, from Metal to acoustic guitar to EDM

  • The pros and cons of working in collaboration vs working alone

  • Online collaboration, and how to do it practically

  • Perfectionism in music production - where to draw the line

  • MIDI, and how the 'hardware origins' still apply today

  • Interesting and useful MIDI features (besides Note-On and velocity)

  • MIDI 2.0 - a glimpse of the future


James' project: 3rdeye:

James' project: Lost Inventions:

Other links:

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