#047 - EIKE FREEZE: One of Europe’s most influential rock/metal producers shares his tips and tricks

Published June 14, 2022


Do you think your music could sound better?


In this episode:

EIKE FREEZE started his career as the bandleader, rhythm guitar player and main vocalist of the metal legends DARK AGE. He's also a music professional, specialised on rock and metal, with a humongous list of production credits. His portfolio reads like the who-is-who of rock and metal. He played the headliner show at the world's biggest metal festival.

And in this interview, Eike shares his recording and mixing tips and tricks, as well as his inspiring production philosophies.

  • How Eike started the legendary metal band DARK AGE

  • How Eike managed to be his own band's producer and engineer

  • The lowest points of Eike's career

  • The highest points of Eike's career

  • Eike's take on modern metal production

  • The pros and cons of recording live vs. overdubbing


Eike Freeze [official website]

DARK AGE – Official Website

Eike's Discography

Cameleon Studios Hamburg

Eike Freeze on FaceBook

Eike Freeze on Instagram

Eike, on the rhythm guitar, playing the headlining gig with Kai Hansen and Friends at Wacken Open Air 2016

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