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#048 - HEATHER BONNEFOND: The story of her impressive career in Pro Audio

Published June 21, 2022


Do you think your music could sound better?


In this episode:

  • Pro-Audio power couple: Heather and Jim Bonnefond

  • The start of Heather's career in the audio industry

  • The music scene in the seventies

  • What it was like to be a woman in pro audio in 1976

  • How Heather used her interpersonal skills to get the best performances from the musicians

  • Heather's microphone tricks for a great Heavy Metal guitar sound

  • How Heather got sabotaged as FOH engineer - but succeeded anyway

  • How Heather accidentally ended up mixing FOH for Johnny Cash

  • How Heather worked with 19-year-old Keith Urban

  • Heather's career in publishing, tour manager, studio manager and corporate engineer at J.P. Morgan

  • Heather's career across the US and Australia

  • Heather's advice for young talents starting in the music industry today


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