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#075 - Dr. FRED COLE: All About Pianos

Published January 10, 2023

"Kawai pianos tend to have a slightly heavier touch generally than Yamahas, and their tone is noticeably different. Yamahas are always a little bit brighter" - Dr. Fred Cole

About the guest:

Since 1981, Dr. Fred Cole has specialised in locating, restoring and rebuilding the very best instruments produced by renowned piano manufacturers over the last one hundred and twenty years.

Fred’s aim is to match each individual instrument to the specific requirements of our discerning customers.


In this episode:

  • Dr. Cole discusses his journey as a piano tuner and his passion for the craft, as well as the importance of tuning in creating beautiful music.

  • He explains the process of tuning a piano, from analysing the pitch of each note to adjusting the strings and hammers to achieve the desired sound.

  • Dr. Cole also discusses the challenges of tuning pianos in different environments, such as concert halls and recording studios, and how he adapts his approach accordingly.

  • He shares his thoughts on the importance of maintaining and caring for pianos to ensure their longevity and optimal performance.

  • Dr. Cole offers advice to aspiring piano tuners and technicians, emphasising the importance of patience, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the instrument.

The pianos you heard in this episode:



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phone: 0412216019

Gear mentioned in this episode:


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