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#079 - CASS EAGER: from open-mic nights to composing music for US commercials

Published September 5, 2023

"So I did write this little ukulele song called Let's Go. And ironically, that did get placed on a US McDonald's commercial." - Cass Eager

About the guest:

Cass Eager is an R&B soul singer with a sound that embodies old-school cool with bold, sexy optimism. Her sound takes its cue from a vintage sonic swagger a-la Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones, and when you press play you’ll want to be sipping cocktails at your favourite lounge bar in LA with best friends and lovers alike.


In this episode:

  • How Cass started her music career in Sydney

  • Cass' studio and live projects

  • How Cass overcame writers-block

  • Going international - how Cass made contacts in the US, and got her music into a McDonalds ad

  • Finding her production groove: producing with Billy Lefler in LA

  • Upcoming releases and plans for the future



Gear mentioned in this episode:


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Disclaimer: The Production Talk Podcast is independent of (and not related to) my teaching responsibilities at SAE.

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