Price Guide

Prices for mix-down vary, depending on the complexity of the production and the number of songs.

That's because a nine-minute song with 120 signals takes longer to mix than a three-minute song with 8 signals.

Therefore, I'd like to find out more about your music project first, before I give you a custom-quote.

Please get in touch and tell me more about you and your music!

Some 2021 statistics, just for fun:

  • The average song I mixed had 38.2 signals 

  • It takes a little over one day to mix a song, on average

  • 31% of all signals were treated with automation fader-rides

  • 95% of all main vocals were treated with more than 3 fader-ride automation passes

  • On average, mixes were approved after 2.4 revisions

  • 0% of plug-in presets were used

  • 100% happy clients