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#080 - Film Composer ELLIOTT WHEELER and Music Editor JAMIESON SHAW

Published September 19, 2023

"For Elvis, we had to go through and listen to all 800 of his songs and work out which ones might be good. And this is all stuff that you do with the director, obviously with Baz" - Elliott Wheeler

About the guests:

Composer Elliott Wheeler and music editor Jamieson Shaw have worked on the Netflix series The Get Down, as well as world-renowned Baz Luhrmann movies such as The Great Gatsby and the Elvis Movie.


In this episode:

  • The early days of Elliott's and Jamieson's careers

  • Composing film music for Baz Luhrmann films such as Elvis, and The Great Gatsby

  • Keeping creative focus and flow while under high pressure

  • Rhythm and timing in film score

  • Remote orchestral recordings in lockdown

  • Elliott and Jamieson's take on what makes a good song

  • Jamieson's microphone tips for recording at home



Gear mentioned in this episode:


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Disclaimer: The Production Talk Podcast is independent of (and not related to) my teaching responsibilities at SAE.

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