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  • What is mixing? And how is online mixing different?
    Mixing Mixing is a very involved process that requires substantial technical expertise as well as creativity, taste and musical feel. Mixing requires a laser-sharp focus on musical nuances and performances. For example, how you can make the vocal evoke more emotion or the bass player carry the groove a little more. As you can imagine, mixing is an involved and time-consuming process. Of course, I can offer attended mixing in the studio. This is a good option if you are based nearby, on the East Coast of Australia. Online Mixing This is a great option wherever you're based. Nowadays, you don't have to come to the studio to get your songs mixed. Online mixing services are accessible 24/7 via cloud collaboration. You need a decent internet connection to upload your files. After a few days, you'll receive your mix via email or sharing services. There is a large variety of different services; some are high quality and very expensive, others are cheap but may not produce the best sounding results. Why don't you fill out the contact form to find out what I can do for you?
  • How is mixartist different from other services?
    What makes my mixing special is my sense of musical excitement, which I bring forward with tasteful fader-rides. It's actually all coming from the ear, not from the gear. Don't just work with a mix engineer - work with a Mix Artist. Please have a listen to my work.
  • What gear do you use?​
    I have different DAWs, a tasty selection of outboard gear, hundreds of premier plugins, high-end speakers and headphones, and all the other tools one needs for mixing - but I don't want to bore you with too much technical jargon here. Rest assured that I have the experience to choose just the right tools for your music. Please get in touch if you have any questions.
  • What are your rates?
    This depends on the number of songs, the number of tracks/signals per song, and the recording-signal quality. To give you the best rate, I'd first like to learn about your project and understand what you're working on. So, let's have a chat about your project - take action and book a free video chat.
  • Do I have to pay extra for mix revisions?
    I want you to be absolutely happy with the results. That's why all revisions are included, within 1 month from the completion of the first mix. The details are laid out in the Terms & Conditions. So, why not request a quote?
  • What's the difference between mix and master, and can you do both?
    Mixing is the tasteful blending of individual signals (eg. Kick, Bass, Vocal...) into one beautiful-sounding stereo mix file. Mastering turns a collection of mixes into a cohesive sounding album or EP, and prepares your music for release. Although I have mixed and masters on some occasions, I'd generally suggest hiring a professional mastering engineer. My recommendations for external mastering engineers are: Bob Katz at Ted Jensen and Greg Calbi at Leon Zervos, Steve Smart and Tahlia-Rose Coleman at Michael Worthington at Kamal Engels at


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