The Flood Songs Project


The Flood Songs Project is an initiative to support the music & performing arts community, in areas affected by the Feb/March 2022 floods in southeast QLD and NSW. 

Our vision and goal is to alleviate the pain and trauma of those who have been affected by the floods, through music, songwriting and composition.

Our hope is that by facilitating, and allowing a process for transformation into songs, we can help unite and heal the community.

Let's turn our pain into melodies. Our trauma into lyrics. 

Let's turn our songs into a community compilation.

Let's heal together.

Let's share our stories with the world.

The Idea

So many people have been affected by the recent floods. Once all the debris is cleared, there'll still be a lot of pain and trauma to be processed. 

Everyone has got their own flood story to tell. Some stories are truly terrifying, others tell us about hope and community spirit - all of them are important.

We'd like to invite musicians from the affected areas to put their flood stories into songs. When the time is right, grab your instrument and write a song about your flood story, or about flood stories that have been shared with you.

Up to 10 demos will be chosen by a panel. These songs will be produced by professionals who are donating their services. This includes all recording, mixing, mastering and distribution.

The finished songs will be published under the umbrella of the Flood Songs Compilation. All royalties, profits and donations will go to the songwriters and musicians directly, or to their chosen flood-relief organisation.

Who Can Join

All musicians who were affected by the recent floods in south-east QLD and NSW.  


This includes Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast, Murwillumbah, Ocean Shores, Mullumbimby, Lismore, Coriki, Woodburn and many, many other places.

Get Involved

Submissions are now closed. 


You will be contacted shortly if your song has been chosen by the panel.


If chosen, we'll arrange a time and place to record your flood song. 

Who We Are

Jan 'Yarn' Muths: Initiator, Recording, Mixing


Saphia Stone: Music Production, Social Media

Andy Stewart (The Mill Studio): Mastering

Nathan Stanborough: Recording, Music Production

Volunteers Wanted:


Promoters and community ambassadors

Graphic designers




Panel members