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Online Mixing

Clients from across the world use our online mixing service. Whether you recorded at home or in a local studio, our expert engineers transform your recordings and bring out the best in your music, delivering polished, professional mixes tailored to your sound. 


Work with an Award-Winning Mix Artist with over 20 Years' Experience

I specialise in bringing out the emotion, feeling, the heart and soul of your music.


Yarn is incredibly professional, personable and highly skilled. He has done a wonderful job with our music!
His communication was outstanding, every message was replied to within the day, commonly within the hour, and the work we asked of him was always returned very quickly.
Yarn has a great wealth of knowledge and he went out of his way to ensure we were entirely happy with the final product. He's a lovely guy and an absolute pleasure to work with! We can't recommend Yarn at Mix Artist highly enough!

Mixing Testimonial by Jesse Rose

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Online Mixing

My online mixing service is driven by a deep passion for music. In my mixes, I bring out musical excitement and inject life into your tracks with tasteful fader-rides and a keen sense of artistic intuition.

I want to feel something when I listen to music, and I know the true magic in mixing comes not from the gear, but from the ear.

Experience the difference of mixing that's more than just technical expertise; it's a journey that elevates your music to its fullest potential.

Get a free quote - no obligations

Why Mix Artist?

My mixing service is both personal and high quality. ​My mixes are tasteful and musically balanced. While other mix engineers may approach a mix from a scientific, technical angle, I'm most passionate about bringing out the human element and emotion in your music.  ​Nowadays, you don't have to book a studio to get your songs mixed. With online mixing, the whole process can be facilitated online, from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Don't just work with any mix engineer - work with a Mix Artist

Jan 'Yarn' Muths, Mixing Engineer at, in the studio.

How Online Mixing works

Easy online collaboration - all systems provided

1. Consultation

I want to get a clear idea of how you want your songs to sound. I can advise if your songs are ready for mixing. 

Consultation is free via email or video chat. You'll receive a custom quote for your mix.


Can't wait to get started? Book your FREE consultation for online mixing now!

2. Get Your Music Ready For Mixing

Double-check you ​are happy with all recordings, then follow the super-easy file preparation instructions in the FAQs.


Upload your files and receive a no-obligation quote. To confirm the quote, simply pay the deposit. 

3. Lean Back and Await Your Mixes

I'll get straight to work on your music. Your mixes will be provided online for you to enjoy and review. You can leave your feedback and suggestions right there.

How it feels to have your music mixed by Jan 'Yarn' Muths of

Risk-free for you: all revisions are included within 30 days.

To approve your mix, simply pay the remaining balance and download your mix instantly. I can also pass on your mix to your nominated mastering engineer.  

(Find out more about mastering in the FAQs)

Mixing Price Guide

Each song typically takes 1 to 1.5 days to mix.


Prices vary based on the complexity and number of songs. For instance, a nine-minute song with 120 signals requires more time, compared to a three-minute song with 8 signals.


Most mixes fall within the range of $400 to $600 per song.


To provide you with an accurate quote, I'd love to learn more about your music project.


Reach out today and let's talk about your music!

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