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Does producing your music feel like an uphill battle?

Are you an aspiring musician or producer eager to elevate your sound to new heights? In today's music landscape, the power to create and produce your music is within your grasp. But what can you do if the outcome just doesn't sound like the vision in your head? That's where our consultations with music production professional Jan 'Yarn' Muths come into play. ​Both in-studio and online consultations with Jan 'Yarn' Muths empower you to bring your music dreams to life. Whether you prefer the hands-on studio experience or the convenience of virtual meetings, you're on your way to musical excellence. It's about honing your skills, gaining real insights, and crafting music that truly resonates with your audience. The choice is yours, but the end goal remains the same: your success as a musician and producer.

A consultation session can bring clarity and direction

Musicians, just like you, book my consultation sessions for:

  • Second opinions

  • Advice on capturing better recordings at home

  • Editing techniques and performance improvement tricks

  • Mixing tips and feedback

  • Faster and less tedious workflows

  • Problem-Solving

  • Advanced Editing

  • Technical trouble-shooting

  • Overcoming frustration in music production

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