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In-Studio Music Production Consultation

Feedback, Advice, Tips and Tricks for Your Music

  • 1 h
  • 149 Australian dollars
  •, Left Bank Road, Mullumbimby NSW, Australia

Service Description

Take your music to the next level with a production consultation in the studio at You'll get to spend time in the studio with me and receive feedback and advice on how to improve your music. We'll listen to your sound, and I'll provide an honest, constructive opinion on how to take your music to the next level. Get ready to take your music career to the next stage and book your production consultation today. In-Studio Consultations: Imagine stepping into a world-class recording studio, surrounded by state-of-the-art equipment and an atmosphere brimming with creativity. In-studio consultations offer you the unique experience of working side by side with Jan 'Yarn' Muths, a seasoned professional with decades of experience. The benefits are remarkable: Hands-On Guidance: You get to work directly with Jan, absorbing his knowledge like a sponge. He'll be there, right next to you, providing real-time feedback and sharing professional tips. Inspiration Galore: Being in a recording studio can be a massive source of inspiration. You'll feel the creative energy in the air, and it will seep into your work. Master the Gear: Learn how to navigate and master professional studio equipment. From mixing consoles to microphones, you'll grasp the tools of the trade. Immediate Problem Solving: Face an issue? You'll have an expert to help you troubleshoot and solve it there and then. Real Connections: Building a real-life connection with a professional like Jan can open doors in the music industry. It's all about networking, and this is your opportunity.

Contact Details

  • 0404768986

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