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Meet Jan 'Yarn' Muths

Jan 'Yarn' Muths, Mixing Engineer at, deep in the music production zone

I want to feel something when I’m producing music.

My Mixing Philosophy

As a mix artist, I love working with musical performances. My passion is bringing out the human element and emotion in your music.

When mixing, I play the mixer like a musical instrument. My mixing style involves a lot of fader rides and automation passes. In my art, the faders are my instrument. I close my eyes, sense the musical intention and perform my mix while blending musical excitement.

My mixing-art enriches the musical art of others. I get excited about beautiful imperfections and I love musical takes that tell me something about the performer's personality.

I am passionate about collaborating with musicians and artists.

And I'd like to help you get your music out to your fans and listeners - sounding the best it can.

Plays the mixer like an instrument: Jan 'Yarn' of

Image by Saphia Smereka (#_audiogirl)

"The mix isn't done until I feel excited about every single detail of your music."
Jan 'Yarn' Muths


Winner of Dolphin Award (Production / Engineering), 2010

BA (HONS) First Class in Recording Arts, Middlesex, London, 2011


Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries, 2019

AVID Certified Pro Tools instructor

Specialist in large-scale analogue consoles

Previously, I worked as the manager at Studio 301 Manufacturing, where I oversaw the Customseries75 manufacturing factory in Byron Bay.

Lecturer at SAE Byron Bay's audio department.

I've recorded and mixed countless studio recordings, live recordings and home recordings across Europe and Australia

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