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Meet the Mix Artist  Jan 'Yarn' Muths

Artist Statement:


"The mix isn't done until I feel excited about every single detail of your music."


Jan 'Yarn' Muths


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I want to feel something when I’m mixing music - and that’s how I’d like to mix your music, too.

My Mixing Philosophy

As a mix artist, I love working with musical performances. My passion is bringing out the human element and emotion in your music.

When mixing, I play the mixer like a musical instrument. My mixing style involves a lot of fader rides and automation passes. In my art, the faders are my instrument. I close my eyes, sense the musical intention and perform my mix while blending musical excitement.

My mixing-art enriches the musical art of others. I get excited about beautiful imperfections and I love musical takes that tell me something about the performer's personality.

I am passionate about collaborating with musicians and artists.

And I'd like to help you get your music out to your fans and listeners - sounding the best it can.


Image by Saphia Smereka (#_audiogirl)


Winner of Dolphin Award (Production / Engineering), 2010

BA (HONS) First Class in Recording Arts, Middlesex, London, 2011


Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries, 2019

AVID Certified Pro Tools instructor

Specialist in large-scale analogue consoles

Previously, I worked as the manager at Studio 301 Manufacturing, where I oversaw the Customseries75 manufacturing factory in Byron Bay.

Lecturer at SAE Byron Bay's audio department.

I've mixed countless studio recordings, live recordings and home recordings across Europe and Australia