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Recording Studio

Our studio workflow is inspired by the making of the great classic albums: World-class acoustics, great musicians performing together, impeccable engineering, high-end technology and a shared focus on capturing the best musical performances possible.


Let's create magic together

You're in the right place if you're looking to create music with heart and soul. Our world-class recording studio offers the perfect creative environment to capture your music performance with all its beautiful nuances. Your music deserves state-of-the-art recording technology, professional engineering and world-class acoustics! Our studio provides the best value when recording a rhythm section or even an entire band simultaneously in our three acoustically perfected live rooms, along with our dedicated piano room. Whether you're aiming to produce a single, EP or album, our studio is the ideal choice for well-rehearsed bands and solo artists who want to elevate their music to the next level by working with our team of engineers and studio musicians.


Our studio is ideal for:

  • High-end recordings and mixes

  • Producing Albums, EPs or Singles

  • Recording your band or rhythm section live

  • Drums, percussion, bass, piano, keyboards, synths, acoustic and electric guitar, horn sections, vocals, strings...

  • Indie Rock, Pop, Alternative, Grunge, Metal, Punk, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Country, and Folk...

A perfect studio for bands and solo-artists

Bands who choose our studio typically:

  • Have recording experience

  • Are confident on stage

  • Play mostly acoustic instruments

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