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Welcome to the Music Recording Studio

Where the magic happens: the large live room at the mixartist studio is popular for drums, percussion, vocals..., even entire rhythm sections

You've discovered one of the most professional music recording studios near Byron Bay. You're in the right place if you're looking to create magical moments and fully immerse yourself in your music performance. Our world-class recording studio offers the perfect creative environment for your artistic endeavors and our mission is to capture your music performance with all its beautiful nuances. Your music deserves state-of-the-art recording technology, professional engineering and world-class acoustics!

Our studio provides the best value when recording an entire band or rhythm section simultaneously in our three acoustically perfected live rooms, along with our dedicated piano room.

Whether you're aiming to produce a single, EP or album, our studio is the ideal choice for well-rehearsed bands and solo artists who want to elevate their music to the next level by working with our team of professional studio musicians.

Our clients typically choose our studio for:

-EP and Album Production -Band Recording -Drum Recording -Percussion Recording -Piano / Organ Recording -Guitar and Bass Recording -Recording Horn and String Sections -Vocal Recording -Voiceover Recordings -Music Mixing

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Jan 'Yarn' Muths - studio operator, recording artist, mix artist

The mixartist studio control room is a large, comfortable space for creative musicians
testimonial by Jesse Morris Band

I have worked with Jan across several recording projects over the last 5 years.

His expertise & knowledge of tracking and mixing are difficult to match in the northern rivers.
World-class quality.


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Photo Gallery

photos by Adam Zapolski & Jan 'Yarn' Muths, videos by Andy Bowles

Ready to Create Your Masterpiece?
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Build your Team

At our studio, we're dedicated to working with the most talented musicians and artists in the Northern Rivers region. We've built strong relationships with some of the best, and we're proud to offer a select few of these phenomenal talents to work on your music project. By choosing to collaborate with us, you'll have the opportunity to take your music project to the next level. Our team is committed to creating musical magic and delivering results that exceed your expectations. So why wait? Book our studio today and let's bring your musical vision to life!

Studio Features

Our spaceous control room features a large-scale analogue console with 36 inline channels, as well as a diverse collection of high-end studio outboard gear and a 36in/40out Pro Tools HD recording rig. Surrounding the control room are three live rooms: one large room to the right, and two medium-sized rooms to the left. All live rooms offer ample natural light and line-of-sight connections. Additionally, our entrance area doubles as a fourth live room for recording quieter instruments, such as our piano. In addition to our excellent recording spaces, we also offer a variety of musical instruments to aid in your creative process. These include a drum set, an upright piano, an electric organ and guitar gear. Our modern bathroom and kitchenette provide all necessary amenities for all-day recording sessions, and our on-site parking ensures easy access to the studio. Key features: -3 live rooms plus piano room -46 mic inputs across all rooms -36 channel inline console plus external preamps -36in/40out Pro Tools Ultimate recording rig -3 independent stereo headphone mixes

Studio Setting

This music recording studio is nestled in the breathtaking beauty of Bundjalung country, located on the easternmost point of the Australian mainland within the beautiful Northern Rivers region. Within this region, the Byron Shire attracts creatives from all over the world with its phenomenal beaches and vibrant music scene. At the heart of the Byron Shire lies Mullumbimby, a town situated just 15 km northwest of the famous music hot-spot Byron Bay. This music recording studio is located on a serene rural property, only minutes away from the bubbling heart of Mullumbimby's CBD. Housed within a beautifully restored old barn, the studio exudes a harmonious blend of rustic charm and creative inspiration. Renowned studio architect John Sayers meticulously planned and crafted this exceptional recording space. Even to this day, I am continuously astounded by the extraordinary sound quality created by the world-class acoustics diligently designed by Sayers. The studio stands as a testament to his remarkable expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings and experience the magic of recording in this one-of-a-kind studio. The idyllic setting, coupled with the studio's superior acoustics, provides an unparalleled environment for capturing and refining your musical creations. Join us in this captivating sanctuary, where music comes alive, and creativity flows. We invite you to explore the extraordinary possibilities that await you within our doors.

Recording Studio Location
Music Recording Studio Location

The pin on the map indicates the wider studio neighbourhood, not the exact studio location.

Studio Vibe

Our studio's warm and inviting interior is a seamless blend of artistic expression and professional production space, reflecting the signature Byron Bay aesthetic. Our wall fabric features intricate hand-painted designs of turtles, whales, and birds, creating a unique and inspiring musical vibe.

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