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Mullumbimby, Oct 19, 2023



Jim Bonnefond's Visit to MixArtist Studio: Unveiling the Secrets of a Global Anthem

Last night, the town of Mullumbimby reverberated with the rhythm of an iconic global hit as legendary music producer Jim Bonnefond took centre stage at the MixArtist Studio for an unforgettable event.

On Wednesday, October 18, a select audience of local musicians embarked on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of the creation of one of the most celebrated songs of all time – "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang.

An Iconic Song, A Maestro's Narrative
Jim Bonnefond, renowned for his work with music legends like Kool & The Gang, The Cockroaches, Savage Garden, and many, many more, shared the captivating story behind "Celebration." Bonnefond took the producer's seat in the mixartist studio to once again play the original recordings of the iconic world-hit “Celebration” through the mixing desk, give an exclusive group of local musicians in-depth insights into the sound of the isolated recording signals and tell the story of how he and Kool & The Gang recorded the party anthem that has moved audiences worldwide.
This event offered an extraordinary opportunity for local musicians. Musicians and enthusiasts experienced the pulse of "Celebration" and gained profound insights into its making, straight from the maestro himself. Jim Bonnefond's narrative took attendees on a thrilling journey through time and music.


Byron Shire's Music Industry Directory
In addition to this spectacular journey into music history, host Jan 'Yarn' Muths presented the updated Byron Shire's Music Industry Directory webpage. This comprehensive resource brings all the essential contacts that local musicians need together in one place.

Limited Spaces Filled Fast
This exclusive event was hosted for an intimate gathering of local musicians, friends of the studio, as well as selected newsletter subscribers. Attendees secured their spots via a secret webpage to become part of an exclusive audience that witnessed the magic up close.


Networking and Mingling
Following Jim's insightful presentation, attendees joined the casual and vibrant networking session. They connected with fellow music enthusiasts, exchanged stories, and made valuable connections within the industry.

In retrospect, we celebrated the magic of music and the creation of an everlasting anthem. "Celebrate Good Times, Come On!"

About The Studio
MixArtist is a hub for music enthusiasts and a nurturing space for artists to create and connect. With its state-of-the-art recording technology, professional engineering, and world-class acoustics, it's the go-to destination for those seeking to bring their musical visions to life.


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Contact Information

Jan ‘Yarn’ Muths: 
0404 768 986

Event Details
Date: Oct 18, 2023
Location: MixArtist Studio, Mullumbimby
By Invitation Only


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