#021 Our Love/Hate relationship with Music Streaming Services

Published: November 16, 2021

Updated: December 2, 2021


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In this episode:

  • An honest chat about music streaming services and the love/hate relation musicians have with them.

  • Why you should NOT give your music away for free

  • Why giving your music away for free will not generate business later

  • Why the streaming service CEOs will not change their business model

  • What can musicians do instead?

Streaming Service Payout for 1000 streams (approximated):

$0.69 Youtube

$1.33 Pandora

​$4.02 Amazon

$4.37 Spotify

$6.76 Deezer

$6.76 Google Play

$7.35 Apple Music

$12.50 Tidal

$19.00 Napster



How much do music streaming services pay musicians?

Pareto principle aka 80-20 principle

An interesting approach: The Potentiam Network

Streaming payouts comparison [2021]

Labels under fire as UK streaming inquiry report calls for ‘complete reset’ of market

How Many Spotify Streams To Buy A Mac Pro?

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