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#041 - Breaking down the Reggae song 'Breakaway'

Published May 03, 2022


Do you think your music could sound better?


In this episode:

  • The song 'Breakaway' was performed live in the studio by Saphia Stone & The Matchmakers.

  • The track was produced (recorded, edited and mixed) by Jan 'Yarn' Muths of and mastered by Tahlia Rose-Coleman at Studios301 Mastering.

  • This podcast episode contains sound examples from the recording sessions

  • The individual drum signals: kick, snare, hats, tom, OHs and different rooms

  • Bass: mic'd and DI

  • double mic'd guitar signals

  • Percussion recording and programming

  • Remote collaboration: Keyboard tracks

  • Vocals: guide tracks, and overdubbed vocals in comparison

  • Isolated signals: Harmonies, doubles, adlips

  • How it sounded after recording

  • How it sounded after mixing

  • How it sounded after mastering


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Podcast artwork by Tom 'Chubbs' Boundy


Disclaimer: The Production Talk Podcast is independent of (and not related to) my teaching responsibilities at SAE.

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