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#044 - Interview with Marcos Micozzi: Creative use of VR technology for music

Published May 24, 2022


Do you think your music could sound better?


In this episode:

  • Marcos's musical background and his current projects

  • Recording your own takes

  • The mindset of mind-blowing performances

  • How to switch between being a musician and a producer

  • Marcos's phenomenal 'Simulated Environments' project

  • No-input mixing

  • How to tune a no-input mixer

  • Filtering the no-input squeel with a synthesiser

  • Effecting the filtered with tape delays

  • Blending the final 4 stems all together

  • Tactile depth and width control with Virtual Reality technology

  • How visitors experienced Marcos's sonic exhibition


Marcos's music projects:

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All sound effects by Marcos Micozzi

Podcast artwork by Tom 'Chubbs' Boundy


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