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#050 - ANDY HAGERMAN, AVID's Audio Sensei, explains Digital Audio and DAW Workflows

Published July 05, 2022


Do you think your music could sound better?


In this episode:

  • Andy Hagerman's career in music and education

  • Recording myths: Do recordings sound different in different DAWs?

  • The digital summing engine

  • Analogue and digital recording levels: saturation and clipping

  • The importance of clocking for audio interfaces

  • Recording levels and bit-depth: 16bit or 24bit?

  • The magic of 32bit floating point. Where it's beneficial and where it's pointless

  • Things you won't find in the manual: The inner workings of Pro Tools.

  • Latency - how to overcome the pesky echo in your headphones

  • How to get an authentic-sounding MIDI performance

  • Andy's tips on delivering great performances


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