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Jan 'Yarn' Muths

House Engineer, Studio Manager

Video Editor: Andy Bowles

Hi, my name is Jan. I am the house engineer and studio manager here in the Mixartist studio. I have worked as a recording engineer since the late 90s. I'm actually old enough to have learned editing analogue tape with razor blades and sticky tape. The two highlights of my career were probably the albums I recorded for Fyah Walk and the Jesse Morris Band. I've got a weak spot for reggae bands, but also, of course, for other genres. Everything that is acoustic music: funk, rock, country, you name it. What I like best about recording in this space is the vibe of it. It's relaxing. It's calm. For me, it's almost like a Zen garden. It's a peaceful place where I can focus on your art. And that's all we do here. I take very good care of my clients here in the studio. I want to make sure you're comfortable with your instruments. Of course, the miking and the sound check is very important. And I'm very particular about headphone mixes. So I always put on my own cans to check what you're hearing and tune it to perfection so you can hear your music better, and therefore you perform better. I just want to have a great time with you and get takes out of you that you didn't know you had in you. That's what makes me tick. If you want to work with me in the studio, click the link below to book a session with me or contact me via the contact page on this website. I'm looking forward to working with you soon.

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Jan 'Yarn' Muths learned his craft in the late 90s in Hamburg/Germany. He's cut his teeth in many areas of the music and sound production industry.

Today, his focus lies in music recording and mixing at the Mix Artist studio.

Jan's special power is recording rhythm sections (and sometimes even entire bands) simultaneously in the 3 live rooms and the piano room of the Mix Artist studio.

Musicians can perform together, vibing of each other's performances and body language.

This approach allows musicians to feed off each other's energy and performances, resulting in recordings with maximum vibe and feel, all while ensuring impeccable sonic separation.

This method is popular among his clients as a substantial amount of work can be completed each day - the optimal cross-section between high-quality and cost-efficiency.

Beyond his recording and mixing duties, Jan also oversees the management and maintenance of the studio facility.

Jan holds a First-Class Degree (HONS) in Recording Arts and has been honoured with a Dolphin Award in the Production & Engineering category.

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