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Saphia Smereka


Video Editor: Andy Bowles

Hey, I'm Saph and I'm one of the engineers here at Mix Artist Studios in Mullumbimby. I love working with singer-songwriters, helping them work on their songs, as well as doing film post production and podcast recording. I've had the pleasure of working on two Tropfest runner up winners, doing the post production for that. As well as co writing and co producing the WSFM jingle, which you might have heard on the radio. What I like best about the Mix Artist Studio in Mullumbimby is the relaxing and homely feeling here. The place, the studio is surrounded by nature and on the walls there's pictures of birds and dolphins that just make you feel right at home. If you book a session with me, you can expect to feel relaxed, comfortable, and able to work at your own pace. I always like to ensure my clients feel safe and comfortable and never feel rushed or pressed to do anything they don't want to do. So to book a session with me, please click on the link below or contact the studio manager, Jan Muths. I look forward to working with you.

Learn More About Saphia

Saphia is a recording engineer, producer, jingle writer, singer / songwriter and musician who has worked in the recording Industry for the past 10 years.

She has worked with notable artists and gained session and studio credits with the likes of Bernard Fanning ( Powderfinger), TYGA ( USA ), Byron Surf Festival, Pete Murray ( AUS ), Women in Pop ( Podcast ) and Nike Women’s Football.

In addition, Saphia co-wrote and produced the radio jingle for WSFM and gained runner up wins for her post-production credits on Tropfest Festival Films ‘Rock Bottom’ and 'The Wall’.

Saphia gained a Bachelor’s degree in Audio from SAE and did a 10 month internship under the prestigious Grammy Award Winning Producer Nick Didia at Studios 301.

Saphia thrives whilst recording podcasts, working alongside singer / songwriters, post-production and content creation for social media.

Saphia has a love for Blues, Roots and Jazz and enjoys encouraging artists to gain confidence in their craft and developing their songs to be the best they can be.

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